Why I Don’t Hate Grocery Shopping with My Kids as Much as I Used to


The cart goes bump, bump, bump as we roll haphazardly through the superstore. Something indistinguishable is stuck to the wheel causing the basket to veer uncontrollably left to right. We are deep into the second …

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Five Ways to Teach Your Kids Kindness Today

teach, kindness, Diverse, Children, Friendship, Playing, Outdoors, Concept

  A concern I have heard from many parents during this election season is, “What will we tell our children?” Many times the behavior I see promoted in popular culture, Hollywood, and on television is …

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Is it Unfair to ask Children to Do Chores?

Close up Ten Year Old Boy Looking to the Right with Bored Facial Expression, Isolated on White Background.

  There is a video that is creating quite a buzz on Facebook recently. It is about the benefits to kids of doing household chores. The video contains pictures, information, and statistics about children in …

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The Student Who Taught Me I Have Room for Thankfulness

yong homeless boy holds a cardboard castle, dirty hand, dream concept, portrait

  As I drove from my house in the country, fields and green lawns gave way to rows of colorful single-family homes and then to enormous gray warehouses and boxy brown garages. The buildings, encircled …

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Trick or Treat Should Not be the Way You Get Your Kids to Do Their Homework

Se Versuchung

  We all know parents who try to coerce their kids into doing their school work with tricks and mind games. I am sure you also know at least a few parents who bribe their …

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Back to School: The Top Five Tips Teachers Wish They Could Tell Parents

Three teachers standing in the corridor of a school building. They are holding school work and smiling at the camera.

  The school year will be starting for many students (and parents) in just a few short days.  For some, the school year has already started.  As I pass other parents at dance lessons or …

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