Discussing our Stuff the Bus drive (Aug. 4 Southpoint Wal-Mart) on Ted Schubel’s Town Talk Radio Show

Nina Parrish, Dawn Shelley, Rene Daniels and Michelle Swisher discuss the upcoming Stuff the Bus school supply drive with Ted Schubel on his Town Talk Radio Show on WFVA 1230. They discuss topics about homelessness, needy students and the strong need for school supplies for Spotsylvania County students. The supply drive takes place Aug. 4 at the Southpoint Wal-Mart.

Click here to listen to the whole show.

stuff the bus school supply drive with spotsylvania county schools

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Spotsylvania County Public Schools Business Partner of the Year


spotsylvania county public schools, business partner of the yearParrish Learning Zone is excited to announce that we were chosen by Spotsylvania County Public Schools as a Business Partner of the Year for our dedication to the school division. We were also a recipient of the Virginia School Boards Association Honor Roll for 2017. We have partnered with Spotsylvania for the last five years on the Annual Stuff the Bus School Supply Drive that collects school supplies and donations to benefit needy and homeless students in the county.  We are honored to be recognized by the county and we will continue to do our best to support Spotsylvania County and their students.

Virginia School Boards Association Business Honor Roll


vsba, vsba honor roll, virginia school boards associationParrish Learning Zone is excited to announce that we were chosen by Spotsylvania County Public Schools as a recipient of the Virginia School Boards Association (VSBA) Business Honor Roll for 2017. Click here to see the official VSBA newsletter. Summary of the Business Honor Roll from the VSBA website:

Local businesses have the power to shape community attitudes about public schools. Every spring, the VSBA Business Honor Roll provides a way for local school divisions to recognize local businesses for their support, especially as schools face increasing budget uncertainty. The Business Honor Roll helps divisions say “thank you” for their vital contributions.


Businesses large and small, corporate-owned or family-run, play a key role in supporting our communities and local schools. They contribute to our school divisions in many ways, including helping schools with in-kind or financial contributions, donating to scholarship programs, supporting extracurricular activities, offering internship opportunities, volunteering in the schools, and sponsoring field trips. This type of support is invaluable.

Voted a Fredericksburg Family Favorite for Three Years in a Row!


fredericksburg family favorite, voted, award

Every year Fredericksburg Parent & Family magazine holds an annual contest where Fredericksburg and the surrounding communities vote for their favorite local businesses.  Parrish Learning Zone is very thankful to have been voted a FredParent Favorite for three years in a row since the contest began in 2014.  Thank you so much to the wonderful community and everyone who continues to support us.

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