Three Tips for Productive Parent-Teacher Conferences

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I rush to the car, grabbing items as I pass through the kitchen in a blur:  purse (check), paper and pen (check), toddler has presentable clothes on (check), hair brushed sometime today-mine and hers (check …

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8 Essential Study and Life Skills You Won’t Learn in School

8 Essential Study and Life Skills You Won't Learn in School

  I can’t even count the number of teachers that I have heard say something along the lines of, “if it’s not on the test, I don’t teach it.” I don’t really blame them. We …

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Strategies for SAT Success

Do you have a student that plans to take the SAT in the future? Here are some tips to help them prepare:   1. Visit the College Board Website – This website offers some free …

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College Quest Causes Stress

“You will have 3 hours and 45 minutes to complete this test. There are ten separately timed sections: one 25-minute essay, six other 25-minutes sections, two 20-minute sections, and one 10-minute section. Work as rapidly …

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Look Smart, Don’t Make Mistakes

Parents and teachers often think that praise will motivate students to achieve, but it may be doing just the opposite.   Unless you have been living under a rock for the past forty years, you …

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A Good Teacher

As a new school year kicks into full swing everyone seems to be focused on teaching and education. So, what makes a good teacher, and can these qualities be measured?   These days everyone seems …

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Should Teachers Be Evaluated Based on How Their Students Perform on the SOLs?

Are the Standards of Learning tests that students take at the end of each course meant to measure teacher performance? Should they be used this way? They might be this year.   This coming school …

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Should Your Student Be Preparing for the SAT Now?

If your student is a high school senior, the answer is definitely yes!   The season for taking the SAT test is fast approaching, and preparations should start now.  I know what you’re thinking: It’s still summer, we …

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