Five Strategies for Surviving End-of-the-Year Testing

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Good Morning. Testing will begin shortly after you complete the identification information on your answer sheet. Please listen carefully to the following instructions. You may not eat or drink in this room. You may not …

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How to Use Your PSAT Score to Prepare for the SAT

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Most students take the PSAT, but I have found through talking to students and parents that many do not fully understand how to use the PSAT to prepare for the SAT. The PSAT score report …

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The last day of school is right around the corner…

  Summer is here! Where has the time gone? Now is the time to start thinking about your plans to stay ahead of the learning curve throughout the summer. A Smart Summer begins with additional …

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Should Your Student Take the SAT or ACT?

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What’s So Different About the New SAT?

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Students taking the SAT on March 5th will see a new and completely redesigned SAT test.  Many parents have contacted us regarding their concerns about this new test, and there is a lot of misinformation …

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Strategies for SAT Success

Do you have a student that plans to take the SAT in the future? Here are some tips to help them prepare:   1. Visit the College Board Website – This website offers some free …

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College Quest Causes Stress

“You will have 3 hours and 45 minutes to complete this test. There are ten separately timed sections: one 25-minute essay, six other 25-minutes sections, two 20-minute sections, and one 10-minute section. Work as rapidly …

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Should Your Student Be Preparing for the SAT Now?

If your student is a high school senior, the answer is definitely yes!   The season for taking the SAT test is fast approaching, and preparations should start now.  I know what you’re thinking: It’s still summer, we …

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