Study Skills and Organization Tutoring

Study skills and organization are one of the biggest reasons that students struggle in school.

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Is your student having trouble studying efficiently, managing their time, reading textbooks, or taking notes? Parrish Learning Zone offers study skills tutoring for all grade levels. Study skills tutoring is provided through individual tutoring, small group tutoring, and in special one-week Study Skills Boot Camp sessions. In study skills tutoring students will learn how to:Female Teenage Student Studying In Classroom With Teacher

  • set manageable goals
  • determine their learning style
  • take notes from a textbook, Power Point, or class lecture
  • study and memorize material for tests
  • manage time and schedule out short and long-range projects and study time
  • organize papers, personal space, and binders for maximum productivity
  • strategies for getting more out of fiction and non-fiction reading assignments

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Need help keeping your kids up to speed while they're at home?

Need help keeping your kids up to speed while they're at home?

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