Summer Tutoring and Workshops

Summer is here! Now is the time to start thinking about your plans to stay ahead of the learning curve throughout the summer. A Smart Summer starts with enrichment that is fun. Check out our awesome full-day STEM and Arts Day Camp for students ages 7-12 starting in July. We will also be offering a variety of workshops for older students in middle school, high school, and even college to help with: study skills, preparing for Algebra, and getting ready for the SAT!

Here is an article about how you can prevent the “summer slide” with your kids written by PLZ Co-Owner, Jay Parrish.

Our Camps and Workshops:

⇒ What: Students will spend half of the day doing hands-on science, math, robotics, engineering, and coding activities and half of the day learning about arts, literature, and writing. Taught by Owner Nina Parrish, M.Ed.

⇒ Ages: Rising 2nd-rising 5th grade students.

⇒ When: July 8th-12th, 9:00am-12:30pm

⇒ Cost: $150.00

Each day students will participate in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) and language and visual arts activities that revolve around a theme. Students will conduct a variety of colorful and magical chemistry experiments including exploring polymers and making various types of slime and Oobleck. They will use engineering in stations and team challenges to solve problems and build a variety of structures. Campers will play games to learn about basic coding and how coding can be used to make robots move. Students will keep a journal of their questions and observations, create and publish their own book, use the power of the sun to make magical prints, and craft an array of art projects. There will be a showcase at the end of the week where parents can view student work. We will keep some of our most loved activities from last year, but there will be some changes and surprises for returning students!

Need to do a math review, but anxious about math? Have you been traumatized by timed-tests and bored with being asked to memorize endless sets of facts? Do you know isolated skills but don’t quite understand the big picture or how everything is related? Are you starting to think you just might not be a “math person”? Then this is the workshop for you.  In this five-hour program, students will learn math facts conceptually and visually through activities that are fun using research-based lessons developed by the Stanford University School of Education. Students will work on mathematical reasoning, learn about place value, and explore number relationships by playing games and participating in interactive activities. They will learn to keep trying even when the work is challenging and they make mistakes, and they may just find that there is no such thing as a “math person”. With the correct instruction, all students can learn math!

⇒ Ages and Dates: 

Rising 2nd-Rising 4th grade students – Tuesday July 30th 5:30-7:30, Thursday August 1st 5:30-7:30, and Friday August 2nd 6:30-7:30

Rising 5th – Rising 7th grade students who are in regular math for their grade- Tuesday August 6th 5:30-7:30, Thursday August 8th 5:30-7:30, and Friday August 9th 6:30-7:30

⇒ Cost: $135

⇒ Ages: Rising Seniors

⇒ When: Sundays 8/4, 8/11, 8/18, and 8/25 from 4:00-5:00

⇒ Cost: $185.00

⇒ What: A strong college application and personal narrative essay are two key components necessary for getting into the college of your choice: they are a reflection of who you are and they convince the college admissions officers why they should accept you. When you apply to college, you are just a name on a page among thousands of other names and pages; the application and essay offer the one chance to display aspects of your personality, character, and ambitions that set you apart from the sea of other applicants.

However, many students do not know how to utilize their application and essays to their greatest advantage, and it is critical that these items are carefully planned and constructed to ensure that they are not forgettable. The College Application and Essay Workshop will help you identify key strengths, personal characteristics, and life experiences to include in your college application and essay, and how to write them in such a way that they communicate your critical thinking ability, creativity, perseverance, drive, passion, and initiative.

  • You will receive an introduction to the Common Application (used by many schools).  Even if a school does not use the Common Application, it is similar to the Coalition Application (also used by many schools) and colleges’ unique applications. Therefore, information can be easily transferred to these other applications.
  • You will receive an introduction the College Board website, which can help in identifying what schools to apply to, and what qualities those schools value.
  • You will write and revise your personal narrative essay, which can be used as the main Common Application essay as well as the personal statement used at schools that do not use the Common Application. The personal narrative is not your typical English essay and you will learn strategies to write yours so that it is memorable and reflects your unique characteristics.
  • You will complete a rough draft of your essay at home and submit it online for personalized written teacher feedback.  This allows for more in-class time devoted to one-on-one writing conferences with the teacher.
  • You will complete the Activities section of your Common Application, which can be developed into a resume –  While the essay often highlights one aspect, the extracurricular activities section develops a more complete picture.  You will learn how to maximize short activity descriptions to highlight your skills, work, and leadership experience.

⇒ What:

Do you know that you need to start working on your college application essays but you are not sure where to begin. Are you stuck? Not sure what to write. Join our College Essay Writing group and receive guidance and feedback from a licensed high school English teacher. Complete your essays with plenty of time to spare, and get those applications in early!

⇒ Ages: Rising Seniors

⇒ When: Sundays 8/4, 8/11, 8/18, and 8/25 from 3:00-4:00pm

⇒ Cost: $185.00

⇒ What: SAT Prep is the first step to getting into the college of your choice. We provide affordable individual and small group SAT classes that help high school students to be successful on their SAT exams. Our program has been completely revamped for the new SAT, and includes 27 hours of practice and instruction taught by licensed high school math and English teachers. Classes are interactive and thus they are limited to a maximum of 8 students per group. We teach test-taking strategies as well as content and have proven successful results for over 8 years. Students will be provided with practice to do outside of class and will also have the opportunity to take and receive feedback on two official released practice exams. Click here for more information.

⇒ Ages: Rising 10th- 12th grade students (Should have completed Algebra II). Maximum of 8 students per class.

⇒ When: Check here to see when our next SAT Class is scheduled.

⇒ Cost: $755.00 for 27 total hours and includes the instructional book

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